Untamed Heart (1993)

Trailer #1

Directed by Tony Bill and starring Christian Slater, Kyle Secor, Willie Garson, James Cada, Gary Groomes. All of Caroline’s boyfriends seem to leave her or cheat on her. On her way home from work two men try to rape Caroline. An introverted man from her work, Adam, rescues her. Adam is an orphan and he is told that he’s got a baboon’s heart. Adam opens up to Caroline and together they make sense. Adam and Caroline are very happy together but the rapists try to get back at Adam and not everyone accepts

Directed by Tony Bill.

Released in 1993 by MGM.

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  • primary-genre: Romance
  • primary-genre: Drama
  • secondary-genre: Dramas
  • secondary-genre: Tearjerkers
  • secondary-genre: Romantic Dramas
  • secondary-genre: Romantic Movies
  • actor: Kyle Secor
  • actor: Gary Groomes
  • actor: James Cada
  • actor: Christian Slater
  • actor: Willie Garson
  • director: Tony Bill
  • producer: J. Boyce Harman Jr.
  • producer: Marci Liroff
  • producer: Tony Bill
  • producer: Tom Sierchio
  • producer: Helen Buck Bartlett
  • cinematographer: Jost Vacano
  • composer: Cliff Eidelman
  • editor: Mia Goldman
  • costume-designer: Lynette Bernay
  • production-designer: Steven J. Jordan
  • role-name: BIll #2
  • role-name: Bill #1
  • role-name: Patsy
  • role-name: Howard
  • role-name: Adam
  • screenwriter: Tom Sierchio
  • year: 1993
  • studio: MGM