Forrest Gump (1994)

I Know What Love Is

Forrest (Tom Hanks) proposes to Jenny (Robin Wright Penn). She does not accept but spends the night with him before leaving again.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis.

Released in 1994 by Paramount.

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  • primary-genre: Romance
  • primary-genre: Action and Adventure
  • primary-genre: Drama
  • secondary-genre: Tearjerkers
  • secondary-genre: Romantic Dramas
  • secondary-genre: Drama
  • secondary-genre: Period Pieces
  • secondary-genre: Dramas Based on Contemporary Literature
  • secondary-genre: 20th Century Period Pieces
  • secondary-genre: Dramas Based on the Book
  • secondary-genre: Blockbusters
  • primary-occasion: Well Wishing
  • secondary-occasion: Farewell
  • setting: Bedroom
  • theme: Love
  • theme: Communication
  • actor: Robin Wright Penn
  • actor: Tom Hanks
  • director: Robert Zemeckis
  • producer: Charles Newirth
  • producer: Steve Starkey
  • producer: Wendy Finerman
  • producer: Steve Tisch
  • cinematographer: Don Burgess
  • composer: Alan Silvestri
  • costume-designer: Joanna Johnston
  • role-name: Forrest Gump
  • role-name: Jenny Curran
  • screenwriter: Eric Roth
  • screenwriter: Winston Groom
  • year: 1994
  • studio: Paramount