Still of the Night (1982)

Bidding to Save Brooke

Sam (Roy Scheider) bids arbitrarily on a painting in order to send Brooke (Meryl Streep) a note warning her that the police have their eye on her.

Directed by Robert Benton.

Released in 1982 by MGM.

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related tags 

  • primary-genre: Thrillers
  • secondary-genre: Suspense
  • secondary-genre: Thriller
  • mood: Suspenseful
  • prop: Painting
  • theme: Helping
  • theme: Loyalty
  • theme: Persistance
  • actor: Joe Grifasi
  • actor: Roy Scheider
  • actor: Tom Norton
  • actor: Meryl Streep
  • director: Robert Benton
  • producer: Arlene Donovan
  • producer: Wolfgang Glattes
  • producer: Kenneth Utt
  • cinematographer: Néstor Almendros
  • composer: John Kander
  • editor: Bill Pankow
  • editor: Gerald B. Greenberg
  • costume-designer: Albert Wolsky
  • role-name: Joseph Vitucci
  • role-name: Brooke Reynolds
  • role-name: Doctor Sam Rice
  • role-name: Auctioneer
  • screenwriter: David Newman
  • screenwriter: Robert Benton
  • year: 1982
  • studio: MGM