Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

No Point in Getting Hysterical

Upon learning that the doomsday device may still detonate, the President (Peter Sellers) and the Russian Premier argue about what to do.

Directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Released in 1964 by Sony.

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  • character-type: President
  • character-type: Military Officer
  • action: Argue
  • editors-choice: Male Performances
  • primary-genre: Comedy
  • primary-genre: Classics
  • primary-genre: Foreign
  • secondary-genre: Spoofs and Satire
  • secondary-genre: Political Comedies
  • secondary-genre: Classics
  • secondary-genre: Dark Humor & Black Comedies
  • secondary-genre: Classic Comedies
  • secondary-genre: United Kingdom
  • mood: Funny
  • prop: Uniform
  • prop: Telephone
  • theme: Politics
  • theme: Conflict
  • theme: War
  • actor: George C. Scott
  • actor: Peter Sellers
  • director: Stanley Kubrick
  • producer: Victor Lyndon
  • production-designer: Ken Adam
  • role-name: Dr. Strangelove
  • role-name: Gen. 'Buck' Turgidson
  • role-name: Group Captain Lionel Mandrake
  • role-name: President Merkin Muffley
  • year: 1964
  • studio: Sony