Best in Show (2000)

Shih Tzu Calendar

Stefan Vanderhoof (Michael McKean) and Scott Donlan (John Michael Higgins) channel their love for old movies and Shih Tzus into a calendar.

Directed by Christopher Guest.

Released in 2000 by Warner Bros..

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related tags 

  • character-type: Photographer
  • character-type: Gay
  • action: Photograph
  • action: Laugh
  • primary-genre: Comedy
  • secondary-genre: Comedy
  • mood: Funny
  • prop: Camera
  • prop: Dog
  • setting: Studio
  • theme: Creativity
  • theme: Innovation
  • actor: John Michael Higgins
  • actor: Doane Gregory
  • actor: Can. Ch. Raptures Classic
  • actor: Can. Ch. Symarun's Red Hot Kisses
  • actor: Michael McKean
  • director: Christopher Guest
  • producer: Karen Murphy
  • producer: Gordon Mark
  • cinematographer: Roberto Schaefer
  • composer: Jeffrey C.J. Vanston
  • editor: Robert Leighton
  • costume-designer: Monique Prudhomme
  • production-designer: Joseph T. Garrity
  • role-name: Terry the Photographer
  • role-name: 'Miss Agnes' the Shih Tzu
  • role-name: Scott Donlan
  • role-name: Stefan Vanderhoof
  • role-name: 'Tyrone' the Shih Tzu
  • screenwriter: Eugene Levy
  • screenwriter: Christopher Guest
  • year: 2000
  • studio: Warner Bros.