I'm Dangerous with Love (2009)

Trailer #1

Former addict Dimitri Mugianis attempts to break addicts cycle with Iboga, a schedule I psychedelic plant found in Africa that is used to clear opiate cravings from the body, but with intense and vivid short term side effects.

Directed by Michel Negroponte.

Released in 2009 by First Run Features.

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related tags 

  • character-type: Demon
  • character-type: Druggie
  • action: Choke
  • action: Swallow
  • primary-genre: Documentary
  • secondary-genre: Documentary
  • mood: Disturbing
  • mood: Dark
  • mood: Controversial
  • prop: Drugs
  • prop: Water
  • setting: Apartment
  • theme: Illness
  • theme: Excess
  • theme: Quitting
  • theme: Charity
  • actor: Dimitri Mugianis
  • director: Michel Negroponte
  • producer: Cactus Three
  • producer: Julie Goldman
  • cinematographer: Michel Negroponte
  • role-name: Himself
  • year: 2009
  • studio: First Run Features