Lenny (1974)

Trailer #1

Directed by Bob Fosse and starring Dustin Hoffman, Stanley Beck, Frankie Man, Gary Morton, Guy Rennie. The story of acerbic 1960s comic Lenny Bruce, whose groundbreaking, no-holds-barred style and social commentary was often deemed by the Establisment as too obscene for the public.

Directed by Bob Fosse.

Released in 1974 by MGM.

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  • primary-genre: Classics
  • primary-genre: Drama
  • secondary-genre: Classics
  • secondary-genre: Pre-20th Century Period Pieces
  • secondary-genre: Biography
  • secondary-genre: Dramas Based on Real Life
  • secondary-genre: 20th Century Period Pieces
  • secondary-genre: Showbiz Dramas
  • actor: Guy Rennie
  • actor: Frankie Man
  • actor: Gary Morton
  • actor: Stanley Beck
  • actor: Dustin Hoffman
  • director: Bob Fosse
  • producer: Marvin Worth
  • producer: David V. Picker
  • cinematographer: Bruce Surtees
  • composer: Ralph Burns
  • editor: Alan Heim
  • costume-designer: Albert Wolsky
  • production-designer: Joel Schiller
  • role-name: Baltimore Comic
  • role-name: Lenny Bruce
  • role-name: Sherman Hart
  • role-name: Artie Silver
  • role-name: Jack Goldstein
  • screenwriter: Julian Barry
  • year: 1974
  • studio: MGM