Dragonslayer (2011)

Trailer #1

Documents the transgressions of a lost skate punk falling in love in the stagnant suburbs of Fullerton, California in the aftermath of America’s economic collapse.

Directed by Tristan Patterson.

Released in 2011 by Drag City Film Distribution.

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related tags 

  • character-type: Hooligan
  • character-type: Punk
  • action: Skate
  • primary-genre: Documentary
  • secondary-genre: Documentary
  • prop: Skateboard
  • setting: Swimming Pool
  • theme: Rebellion
  • director: Tristan Patterson
  • producer: John Baker
  • producer: Christine Vachon
  • cinematographer: Eric Koretz
  • composer: T. Griffin
  • editor: Jennifer Tiexiera
  • editor: Lizzy Calhoun
  • year: 2011
  • studio: Drag City Film Distribution