When Did Jeff Bridges Officially Become the Dude?

Everyone knows that Jeff Bridges is the man, the dude, his dudeness, and el duderino (if you’re not into the whole brevity thing). But Jeff has been wowing audiences for decades, so when exactly did he achieve the peak of dudeness? Featuring clips from:

Released in 2010 by Mashups and Top 10.

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  • character-type: Hippie
  • character-type: Cowboy
  • character-type: Anti-Hero
  • character-type: Teenager
  • character-type: Musician
  • action: Play
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  • primary-genre: Comedy
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  • prop: Pistol
  • prop: Eye Patch
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  • setting: Mansion
  • setting: Bar
  • setting: Old West
  • year: 2010
  • studio: Mashups and Top 10