Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944)

  • Andy Devine,
  • Jimmy Conlin,
  • Jon Hall,
  • Richard Alexander,
  • Turhan Bey,
  • Maria Montez,
  • Frank Puglia,
  • Kurt Katch,
  • Moroni Olsen,
  • Harry Woods,
  • David Heywood,
  • Chris-Pin Martin,
  • Dick Dickinson,
  • Yvette Duguay,
  • Don McGill,
  • George Martin,
  • Norman Willis,
  • James Khan,
  • Fred Cavens,
  • Theodore Patay,
  • Martin Faust,
  • Dick D'Arcy,
  • Robert Barron,
  • Noel Cravat,
  • Art Miles,
  • Scotty Beckett,
  • William 'Wee Willie' Davis,
  • Belle Mitchell,
  • Charles Wagenheim,
  • Jerome Andrews,
  • Ed Agresti,
  • Alma M. Pappas,
  • Fortunio Bonanova,
  • Ramsay Ames,
  • Joey Ray,
  • Ethan Laidlaw,
  • Alex Goudavich,
  • Pierce Lyden,
  • Ed Brown,
  • John Calvert,
  • Eric Braunsteiner,
  • Alphonse BergĂ©,
  • Hans Herbert,
  • Pedro Regas,
  • Angelo Rossitto,
  • Harry Cording,
  • Rex Evans

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is a 1944 adventure film starring Maria Montez and Jon Hall, and directed by Arthur Lubin. The film is derived from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights but its story departs greatly from the tale of the same name and includes an actual historic event. The film is one of series of "exotic" tales released by Universal during the war years; others include Cobra Woman, Arabian Nights and White Savage. The story takes place in Persia, yet Jamiel hoists the shahada, which is the traditional Saudi Arabian flag.