Reservation Road (2007)

Trailer #1

Directed by Terry George and starring Joaquin Phoenix, Sean Curley, Samuel Ryan Finn, Eddie Alderson, Mark Ruffalo. Two fathers’ lives intersect when one of them is involved in a terrible and sudden hit-and-run car accident that leaves the other’s son dead. In response, the two men react in unexpected ways as a reckoning looms in the near future.

Directed by Terry George.

Released in 2007 by Universal.

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  • primary-genre: Drama
  • secondary-genre: Dramas
  • secondary-genre: Dramas Based on Contemporary Literature
  • secondary-genre: Crime Dramas
  • actor: Samuel Ryan Finn
  • actor: Sean Curley
  • actor: Joaquin Phoenix
  • actor: Eddie Alderson
  • actor: Mark Ruffalo
  • director: Terry George
  • producer: Nick Wechsler
  • producer: Dean M. Leavitt
  • producer: Gina Resnick
  • producer: A. Kitman Ho
  • cinematographer: John Lindley
  • composer: Mark Isham
  • editor: Naomi Geraghty
  • costume-designer: Catherine George
  • production-designer: Ford Wheeler
  • role-name: Dwight Arno
  • role-name: Ethan Learner
  • role-name: Josh
  • role-name: Lucas
  • role-name: Cello Player
  • screenwriter: John Burnham Schwartz
  • screenwriter: Terry George
  • year: 2007
  • studio: Universal