Harsh Times (2005)

Trailer #2

Directed by David Ayer and starring Christian Bale, Freddy Rodríguez, Chaka Forman, J.K. Simmons, Michael Monks. Jim Davis is an ex-Army Ranger who finds himself slipping back into his old life of petty crime after a job offer from the LAPD evaporates. His best friend is pressured by his girlfriend Sylvia to find a job, but Jim is more interested in hanging out and making cash from small heists, while trying to get a law enforcement job so he can marry his Mexican girlfriend.

Directed by David Ayer.

Released in 2005 by MGM.

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  • primary-genre: Drama
  • primary-genre: Independent
  • secondary-genre: Drama
  • secondary-genre: Crime Dramas
  • secondary-genre: Independent Dramas
  • actor: Christian Bale
  • actor: J.K. Simmons
  • actor: Michael Monks
  • actor: Chaka Forman
  • actor: Freddy Rodríguez
  • director: David Ayer
  • producer: Christian Bale
  • producer: Andrea Sperling
  • producer: Josef Lieck
  • producer: Ro Gorski
  • producer: David Ayer
  • producer: Mark Heidelberger
  • producer: Philippe Martinez
  • producer: Jesse Felsot
  • producer: Paul Anthony Barreras
  • cinematographer: Steve Mason
  • composer: Graeme Revell
  • editor: Conrad Buff IV
  • costume-designer: Michele Michel
  • production-designer: Devorah Herbert
  • role-name: Toussant
  • role-name: Jim Luther Davis
  • role-name: Mike Alonzo
  • role-name: Agent Richards
  • role-name: Agent Hollenbeck
  • screenwriter: David Ayer
  • year: 2005
  • studio: MGM