Breakdown (1997)

I Want My Wife Back

Jeff (Kurt Russell) finds the trucker who gave his wife a ride. But when he forces Red (J.T. Walsh) to pull over, Red claims to have never met them.

Directed by Jonathan Mostow.

Released in 1997 by Paramount.

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related tags 

  • character-type: Truck Driver
  • character-type: Husband
  • action: Drive
  • primary-genre: Thrillers
  • primary-genre: Action and Adventure
  • secondary-genre: Psychological Thrillers
  • secondary-genre: Action Thrillers
  • secondary-genre: Suspense
  • secondary-genre: Thriller
  • mood: Suspenseful
  • prop: Truck
  • setting: Road
  • actor: J.T. Walsh
  • actor: Kurt Russell
  • director: Jonathan Mostow
  • producer: Jeffrey Sudzin
  • producer: Jonathan Fernandez
  • producer: Artist W. Robinson
  • producer: Harry Colomby
  • producer: Martha De Laurentiis
  • cinematographer: Douglas Milsome
  • composer: Basil Poledouris
  • costume-designer: Terry Dresbach
  • production-designer: Victoria Paul
  • role-name: Jeffrey 'Jeff' Taylor
  • role-name: Warren 'Red' Barr
  • screenwriter: Sam Montgomery
  • screenwriter: Jonathan Mostow
  • year: 1997
  • studio: Paramount