The Wedding Banquet (1993)

Trailer #1

Directed by Ang Lee and starring Dion Birney, Jeanne Kuo Chang, Winston Chao, Paul Chen, Chung-Wei Chou. A Taiwanese-American man is happily settled in New York with his American boyfriend. He plans a marriage of convenience to a Chinese woman in order to keep his parents off his back and to get the woman a green card. Chaos follows when his parents arrive in New York for the wedding.

Directed by Ang Lee.

Released in 1993 by MGM.

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  • primary-genre: Comedy
  • primary-genre: Romance
  • primary-genre: Gay and Lesbian
  • primary-genre: Foreign
  • secondary-genre: Mandarin Language
  • secondary-genre: Foreign Gay & Lesbian
  • secondary-genre: Foreign Romance
  • secondary-genre: Foreign Comedies
  • secondary-genre: Foreign
  • actor: Paul Chen
  • actor: Chung-Wei Chou
  • actor: Jeanne Kuo Chang
  • actor: Dion Birney
  • actor: Winston Chao
  • director: Ang Lee
  • producer: Feng-Chyt Jiang
  • producer: James Schamus
  • producer: Ang Lee
  • producer: Ted Hope
  • producer: Sui Je Cheng
  • producer: Li-Kong Hsu
  • producer: Dolly Hall
  • cinematographer: Jong Lin
  • composer: Mader
  • editor: Tim Squyres
  • costume-designer: Michael Clancy
  • production-designer: Steve Rosenzweig
  • role-name: Wai-Tung's Secretary
  • role-name: Guest
  • role-name: Wai-Tung Gao
  • role-name: Chef
  • role-name: Andrew
  • screenwriter: James Schamus
  • screenwriter: Neil Peng
  • screenwriter: Ang Lee
  • year: 1993
  • studio: MGM