Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

Kirk Needs Bones

Bones (DeForest Kelley) gets beamed aboard against his will but is relieved when he learns it was Kirk’s (William Shatner) doing.

Directed by Robert Wise.

Released in 1979 by Paramount.

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  • character-type: Friend
  • character-type: Astronaut
  • primary-genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  • secondary-genre: Alien Sci-Fi
  • secondary-genre: Sci-Fi Adventure
  • secondary-genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • secondary-genre: Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • mood: Feel-Good
  • setting: Spaceship
  • actor: DeForest Kelley
  • actor: Nichelle Nichols
  • actor: William Shatner
  • director: Robert Wise
  • producer: Jon Povill
  • producer: Gene Roddenberry
  • producer: David C. Fein
  • cinematographer: Richard H. Kline
  • composer: Jerry Goldsmith
  • editor: Todd C. Ramsay
  • production-designer: Harold Michelson
  • role-name: Admiral James T. Kirk
  • role-name: Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy
  • role-name: Lt. Cmdr. Uhura
  • screenwriter: Harold Livingston
  • screenwriter: Gene Roddenberry
  • screenwriter: Alan Dean Foster
  • year: 1979
  • studio: Paramount