Black Sheep (1996)

A Horse's Patoot!

Mike (Chris Farley) freaks out when he gets caught on a news van antenna and draws the attention of Gov. Tracy (Christine Ebersole) and her crowd.

Directed by Penelope Spheeris.

Released in 1996 by Paramount.

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related tags 

  • character-type: Goofball
  • character-type: Politician
  • primary-genre: Comedy
  • secondary-genre: Political Comedies
  • secondary-genre: Comedy
  • mood: Goofy
  • actor: Chris Farley
  • actor: Christine Ebersole
  • actor: David Spade
  • director: Penelope Spheeris
  • producer: Robert K. Weiss
  • producer: Dinah Minot
  • producer: C.O. Erickson
  • producer: Lorne Michaels
  • cinematographer: Daryn Okada
  • editor: Ross Albert
  • costume-designer: Jill M. Ohanneson
  • role-name: Governor Tracy
  • role-name: Steve Dodds
  • role-name: Mike Donnelly
  • screenwriter: Fred Wolf
  • year: 1996
  • studio: Paramount