Bob Roberts (1992)

Conspiracy of Silence

Bugs Raplin (Giancarlo Esposito) tries to open the viewers’ eyes to the deception told by the government to the American people, while Senator Brickley Paiste (Gore Vidal) uses an anecdote about a frog letting itself die slowly in a boiling pot of water because it doesn’t notice the temperature rising until it’s too late.

Directed by Tim Robbins.

Released in 1992 by Universal.

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related tags 

  • character-type: Politician
  • character-type: Activist
  • action: Investigate
  • action: Interview
  • editors-choice: Monologues
  • primary-genre: Documentary
  • primary-genre: Comedy
  • secondary-genre: Dark Comedies
  • secondary-genre: Mockumentaries
  • secondary-genre: Political Comedies
  • secondary-genre: Comedies
  • secondary-genre: Satires
  • mood: Angry
  • mood: Emotional
  • mood: Controversial
  • setting: Apartment
  • setting: Office
  • theme: Politics
  • theme: Injustice
  • actor: Gore Vidal
  • actor: Giancarlo Esposito
  • director: Tim Robbins
  • producer: Ronna B. Wallace
  • producer: Forrest Murray
  • producer: Paul Webster
  • producer: James Bigwood
  • producer: Allan F. Nicholls
  • producer: Tim Bevan
  • cinematographer: Jean Lépine
  • composer: David Robbins
  • editor: Lisa Zeno Churgin
  • costume-designer: Bridget Kelly
  • production-designer: Richard Hoover
  • role-name: Bugs Raplin
  • role-name: Senator Brickley Paiste
  • screenwriter: Tim Robbins
  • year: 1992
  • studio: Universal