Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

No Fighting in the War Room

When Buck (George C. Scott) and de Sades (Peter Bull) get into a fight over a concealed camera, the President (Peter Sellers) has to step in.

Directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Released in 1964 by Sony.

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  • character-type: President
  • character-type: Military Officer
  • action: Argue
  • editors-choice: Male Performances
  • editors-choice: Iconic Lines
  • editors-choice: Hilarious!
  • primary-genre: Comedy
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  • mood: Funny
  • primary-occasion: Professional Events
  • secondary-occasion: Business Meeting
  • prop: Cigar
  • setting: War Room
  • theme: Conflict
  • actor: Peter Bull
  • actor: George C. Scott
  • actor: Peter Sellers
  • director: Stanley Kubrick
  • producer: Victor Lyndon
  • production-designer: Ken Adam
  • role-name: Russian Ambassador Alexi de Sadesky
  • role-name: Gen. 'Buck' Turgidson
  • role-name: President Merkin Muffley
  • year: 1964
  • studio: Sony