Miami Blues (1990)


Miami Blues is a 1990 action-crime-thriller-film based on the novel of the same name by Charles Willeford. It stars Alec Baldwin, Fred Ward, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. It was directed by George Armitage.


Frederick Frenger, Jr., a violent sociopath recently released from prison, starts a new life in Miami. Before leaving the airport, he steals luggage and kills a Hare Krishna. Frenger checks into a hotel and hooks up with Susie Waggoner, a not very bright prostitute who is a student at a community college. They become romantically involved, with Susie unaware of his criminal activities and harboring fantasies of living happily ever after. Investigation of the Krishna murder leads Sgt. Hoke Moseley to visit the couple. Moseley is not overly concerned with the case and even shares a home-cooked dinner with them. Just the same, he knows that Frenger has been in prisom and wants him to come to the police station for a lineup. Frenger goes to Moseley's home that night, assaults him, and steals his gun and badge. In public, Frenger begins using the badge, demanding bribes and breaking up robberies, only to keep the loot for himself. He buys a house and moves in with Susie, attempting a normal life as she happily cooks for him. While at a grocery store, he witnesses an armed robbery and decides to break it up. He lectures the gunman about avoiding a life of crime, but the gunman runs his truck over him. Frenger complains to Susie that the "straight life" has made him too soft. Moseley tracks down the couple through a utility account opened up in Susie's name. He pretends to run into her at the grocery store, where they swap recipes. She lies that she has left Frenger after being told that he's actually a murderer and that Moseley is looking for him. Back home, to see if he will lie to her, Susie deliberately ruins a pie by adding too much vinegar to it. Frenger compliments the dessert and eats it with gusto. The next day, he asks Susie to drive him around town on errands. Their first stop is a pawn shop, which he robs. Before killing the pawnbroker, she chops off several of Frenger's fingers. Badly injured, he limps to the car, but Susie drives away, brokenhearted. Moseley pursues him to the house, where he kills him. Susie arrives and Moseley asks why she stayed with him for so long. She explains that he ate everything she ever cooked.