The Town (2010)

  • Ben Affleck,
  • Jeremy Renner,
  • Chris Cooper,
  • Blake Lively,
  • Rebecca Hall,
  • Pete Postlethwaite,
  • Jon Hamm,
  • Titus Welliver,
  • Brian Scannell,
  • Ted Arcidi,
  • Mark Berglund,
  • Michael Malvesti,
  • Jack Neary,
  • Corena Chase,
  • Michele Cressinger,
  • Jimmy Joe Maher,
  • Sarah Rawlinson,
  • Bryan Connolly,
  • Owen Burke,
  • Sean Locke,
  • Isaac Bordoy,
  • Bobby Curcuro,
  • Georgia Lyman,
  • Ben Hanson,
  • Danny DeMiller,
  • Slaine,
  • Lennin Pena,
  • Nicole Page,
  • Ginaya Green,
  • Michael Yebba,
  • Danny Ring,
  • Ed O'Keefe,
  • Quan Liang Chen,
  • Michael F. Murphy,
  • Adam J. Husband,
  • Gary Galone,
  • Frank Garvin,
  • David Catanzaro,
  • Dennis McLaughlin,
  • Malik McMullen,
  • Kerri Dunbar,
  • Michael Romig,
  • Alex Winston,
  • Kimberly Mahoney,
  • Charles C. Winchester III,
  • Brian White,
  • Daniel Woods,
  • Richard Caines,
  • Jamie Ghazarian,
  • Ralph Boutwell,
  • Joe Lawler,
  • Robert Boyden,
  • James McKittrick,
  • Peter Looney,
  • Tony V.,
  • Jeremiah Kissel

The Town is a 2010 crime film starring, co-written, and directed by Ben Affleck adapted from Chuck Hogan's novel Prince of Thieves. The film opened in theaters in the United States on September 17, 2010, to overwhelmingly positive reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a "Certified Fresh" rating with 94% positive critical reviews. In addition, the film opened at number one at the United States box office with more than $23 million. Jeremy Renner was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as James "Jem" Coughlin. The film is one of a number set in Boston, Massachusetts, over the past decade that have formed a "sub-genre"[clarification needed] of crime movies, including Affleck's own 2007 film Gone Baby Gone.


Four lifelong friends ¬ó Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck), James "Jem" Coughlin (Jeremy Renner), Albert "Gloansy" Magloan (Slaine), and Desmond "Dez" Elden (Owen Burke) - from the dangerous streets of Charlestown, a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts¬órob a Cambridge bank, taking bank manager Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall) hostage. After the robbery, Jem and Doug decided to take the money and celebrate by gambling and going to the strip club. After meeting up with Krista (Blake Lively), Krista went over to Doug's place to have sex. After Claire's release, Doug follows her and they begin a relationship. He explains that his mother deserted him as a child and apparently moved to Tangerine, Florida. FBI agent Adam Frawley (Jon Hamm) surveils the crew of MacRay, Coughlin, Magloan and Elden and realizes they work for "Fergie" Colm (Pete Postlethwaite), a local florist. Doug is hesitant to undertake their next assignment, and his fears are confirmed during the robbery in the North End, where gunfire erupts. The police arrive quickly, a chase ensues, and the team barely escapes. Frawley then arrests the four of them and interrogates each of them, hoping to get a confession, but fails. Frawley learns of Doug and Claire's relationship through a recorded phone conversation and confronts her about the suspects. Claire is shocked to learn that Doug is a suspect, but Frawley believes she is an accomplice because of her relationship with Doug. During a visit to his father, Stephen (Chris Cooper) at the local state prison, Doug reveals his plan to leave Charlestown and go to Florida. Jem approaches Doug with another job, but turns it down. It is made known that Jem went to prison for nine years after killing a man who was on his way to kill Doug. Jem tells Doug that he can thank him by doing the job. Doug tells Fergie he will not do the job, but Fergie reveals that Doug's mother never left the family; instead, she committed suicide after Fergie got her addicted to drugs in retaliation for Stephen attempting to also leave Fergie's employ. Fergie tells Doug he will kill Claire if he doesn't agree to the job, so Doug agrees, but threatens to kill him if he even suspects Fergie will harm Claire. While preparing for the job, Jem hints to Doug that he is willing to fight for his life if caught by the police, as he is not willing to go back to prison. The job is at Fenway Park. Doug and Jem enter dressed as Boston police officers, trick the guards and counting room staff, steal millions of dollars, and prepare to leave in an ambulance dressed as paramedics with Boston EMS. However, the men do not realise that Krista confessed the details of the job to Frawley after he blackmails her on her criminal activities with the right to see her daughter. Jem spots SWAT officers and begins to shoot. In the firefight, Dez is killed. Gloansy creates a diversion and is killed while Doug and Jem put their cop uniforms back on and slip out. Agent Frawley figures out the ruse, catches sight of Jem, and tries to arrest him. Jem fires at Frawley and tries to escape, but he is cornered by the police. He has a shootout with the police in the middle of the street, and manages to shoot a few of the officers before being wounded in the leg by a blast from Frawley's shotgun. Knowing there is no way out, Jem chooses to let the police kill him in suicide by cop fashion, rather than go to prison. Doug witnesses the killing of his best friend but manages to evade Frawley. Doug then heads to Town Flowers, killing both Fergie (by shooting off his penis, a reference to a cruel comment Fergie had made about castration) and his bodyguard. He calls Claire and asks her to come away with him, but he is watching from his uncle's apartment across the street and can see the FBI are in the same room with her. Claire, at first tells him to come to the room to pick her up, but in the end gives him a coded message to warn him to stay away. Doug never shows up at the house, which leads Frawley to figure out the coded message and warns Claire of the reprecussions of her actions. Doug takes an MBTA uniform from his uncle's closet and escapes from Boston. Frawley returns to his police vehicle to find a piece of paper by Doug telling him to 'go fuck yourself'. Later, Claire finds a bag buried in a community garden. The bag contains money, a tangerine, and a note that ends with "I'll see you again, on this side or the other." Claire uses the money to finance a renovation of a local hockey rink, and dedicates it to Doug's mother. Doug is then seen over an estuary, which lets the audience know, that in fact, he did make it to Florida.