Hot Dog... The Movie (1984)

Trailer #1

Directed by Peter Markle and starring David Naughton, Patrick Houser, John Patrick Reger, Frank Koppala, Shannon Tweed. When a hopeful young American hot-dogger goes pole-to-pole with an arrogant Austrian pro, the snow really starts to fly! But as hot as it is on the mountain, it gets even hotter off when the pro’s ex-girlfriend (Tweed) sets her eyes on the new blood. Who’ll win the competition and the girl? Only a race to end all races can determine which skier can really cut the mustard!

Directed by Peter Markle.

Released in 1984 by MGM.

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  • primary-genre: Comedy
  • primary-genre: Sports and Fitness
  • secondary-genre: Sports Stories
  • secondary-genre: Skiing
  • secondary-genre: Sports Comedies
  • secondary-genre: Comedy
  • secondary-genre: Late Night Comedies
  • actor: David Naughton
  • actor: James Saito
  • actor: Patrick Houser
  • actor: Frank Koppala
  • actor: John Patrick Reger
  • director: Peter Markle
  • producer: Christopher W. Knight
  • producer: Mike Marvin
  • producer: Edward S. Feldman
  • producer: Timothy D. Tennant
  • composer: Mark Goldenberg
  • composer: Peter Bernstein
  • editor: Stephen E. Rivkin
  • costume-designer: Shari Feldman
  • role-name: Rudolph 'Rudi' Garmisch
  • role-name: Dan O'Callahan
  • role-name: Kendo Yamamoto
  • role-name: Harkin Banks
  • role-name: Squirrel Murphy
  • screenwriter: Mike Marvin
  • year: 1984
  • studio: MGM