I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988)


I'm Gonna Git You Sucka is a 1988 blaxploitation parody film written by, directed by and starring Keenen Ivory Wayans. Featured in the film are several African American actors who were part of the blaxploitation phenomenon; including Jim Brown, Bernie Casey, Antonio Fargas and Isaac Hayes. Other actors featured in the film were Kadeem Hardison, John Witherspoon, Damon Wayans, Clarence Williams III, Chris Rock and Ja'net Du Bois. The main villain, Mr. Big, was played by John Vernon. Vernon comments on his appearance in the film, stating that while he would seem to be "above playing an exploitation villain", many others (including Angie Dickinson, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Shelley Winters) have appeared in similar roles. Eve Plumb also has a cameo appearance as the white wife of a former Black Panther radical now in hiding.


Jack Spade (Keenen Ivory Wayans) returns from the Army to his old neighborhood following the death of his brother, Junebug. The police determine Junebug's death to be the result of an "OG", or "Over Gold" — the victim has overdosed on gold chains. A brief image of Junebug is shown featuring him covered, head-to-toe, with gold chains. When not distracted by his old girlfriend and Junebug's wife Cheryl (Dawnn Lewis), Jack seeks revenge for his brother's death. He declares war on Mr. Big (John Vernon), a powerful local crime lord, who is seen as the person responsible for putting gold chains on the streets of Jack's neighborhood. Jack enlists the help of John Slade (Bernie Casey) Jack's childhood idol, who fought bad guys in the 1970s. With John's help, Jack enlists an "army" consisting of Hammer (Isaac Hayes) and Slammer (Jim Brown), Flyguy (Antonio Fargas), and Kung Fu Joe (Steve James). Together with his army, Jack sets out to eliminate the gold chain trade from the streets of his neighborhood and take down Mr. Big.