Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)


Honeymoon in Vegas is a 1992 comedy film directed by Andrew Bergman and starring Nicolas Cage, James Caan, and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Jack Singer (Cage) has sworn to his mother while she was on her deathbed that he would never get married. Years later, he goes back on his promise and proposes to his girlfriend, Betsy (Parker), and quickly arranges a Las Vegas marriage. They check into the Bally's Hotel. Before the wedding, however, a wealthy professional gambler, Tommy Korman (Caan) sees Betsy and notices a striking resemblance to his beloved late wife. He arranges a crooked poker game where Jack loses $65,000 (with Jerry Tarkanian as one of the other players). Korman promises to erase the debt if he can spend the weekend with Singer's fiancée. After getting Korman to agree to no sex, the desperate couple agree. Jack tries desperately to get Betsy back and discovers that Korman has taken her to Hawaii, where he has his family and connections. Korman has a friend, Mahi Mahi (Pat Morita), basically keep Jack as far as possible from him and Betsy. Jack discovers this and goes to Korman's house. Korman attacks Jack and has him arrested. After having Dr. Molar bail him out of jail, Mahi Mahi meets him outside and admits that Korman left with Betsy and is forcing her to marry him. Mahi races Jack to the airport. Betsy decides she cannot go through with the wedding and escapes from Korman. Meanwhile, after changing many planes and finding himself stuck in San Jose, Jack tries frantically to find a flight to Vegas. Finally he finds a group about to depart for Vegas, but, much to his surprise, finds out mid-flight that they are the Utah chapter of the "Flying Elvises" - a skydiving team of Elvis impersonators. Jack now realizes that he will have to skydive from 3,000 feet in order to get to Betsy. Jack eventually is able to overcome his fear and lands and spots Betsy, which then ruins Korman's plans. The final scene shows Jack and Betsy getting married in a small Las Vegas chapel with the Flying Elvises as guests, Jack still in his white illuminated jumpsuit and Betsy in her stolen showgirl outfit.