Superhero Movie (2008)


Superhero Movie is a 2008 American spoof film written and directed by Craig Mazin, produced by David Zucker and Robert K. Weiss, and starring Drake Bell, Sara Paxton, Christopher McDonald, and Leslie Nielsen. It was originally titled ''Superhero!''.[citation needed] Superhero Movie is a spoof of the superhero film genre, mainly the first Spider-Man, as well as other modern-day Marvel Comics film adaptations. The film follows in the footsteps of the Scary Movie series of comedies, with which the film's poster shares a resemblance. It was also inspired by, and contains homages to, some of Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker's earlier spoof films such as Airplane! and The Naked Gun. Production began on September 17, 2007, in New York. It was released on March 28, 2008 in the United States, and the UK release was June 6, 2008, and received $9,000,000 on its opening weekend and was #3 at the box office. The film was rated PG-13 by the MPAA for crude and sexual content, comic violence, drug references, and language. In Australia, it was rated M for moderate sexual references and infrequent coarse language.


Rick Riker (Drake Bell) is an unpopular student at Empire High School. He lives with his Uncle Albert (Leslie Nielsen) and Aunt Lucille (Marion Ross). He has one friend and confidant, Trey (Kevin Hart). His crush, Jill Johnson (Sara Paxton), who hardly notices him, is dating Lance Landers (Ryan Hansen), a bully who torments Rick. During a school field trip at an animal research lab, Rick meets Lou Landers (Christopher McDonald), who coughs up blood because he is terminally ill. Dr. Strom (Brent Spiner), the head researcher at the lab, presents his mutated dragonflies, one of which has escaped and bites Rick, and causes his neck to swell. By the time Rick returns home he is violently ill. Uncle Albert and Aunt Lucille believe Rick is acting strange, so Albert proceeds to talk to Rick about puberty, but Rick passes out from the bite. He wakes up five days later, with a strange video sent to him from a man wanting to speak to him, later adding Rick as a friend on Facebook. Meanwhile, Lou Landers is involved in an accident during an experiment at the lab, transforming him into Hourglass, a villainous being who can siphon the life energy from others, killing them. During a science fair at school in which a comically rude and mean-spirited Stephen Hawking (Robert Joy) is present, Rick begins to experience strange physical traits, such as becoming stuck to objects, which creates a number of mishaps during the fair. Fleeing school, he discovers has developed superhuman abilities, such as the ability to walk on walls and superhuman strength, though he repeatedly laments throughout the film that he cannot fly. After testing his abilities, he pushes an elderly woman and her dog out of the way of an out-of-control truck, colliding with the truck himself. He is congratulated by passers-by, though he notices that the elderly woman and dog he shoved out of the way landed into a woodchipper. Trey offers to become his sidekick, but Rick refuses. He and Uncle Albert have an argument, which spurs a flashback sequence in which a younger Rick and his parents (Robert Hays and Nicole Sullivan) are mugged in an alley, and die in a spoof of Batman Begins. With his dying words, his father urges him to divest himself of his holdings in Google, but invest heavily in Enron. Later, after seeing Jill and Lance leave in Lance's car, Rick, who desires a car of his own, goes to a bank, where he is denied a loan. A bank robber then holds up the bank and after Rick fails to stop him, Uncle Albert is shot and hospitalized. Rick is met by Xavier (Tracy Morgan) at his school for mutants ala X-Men. Rick is told to make a costume by Mrs. Xavier, and adopts the identity of the Dragonfly. He quickly becomes a sensation, until his fight with the Hourglass, who badly injures Dragonfly before escaping. After Dragonfly rescues Jill from a group of muggers, they share a kiss. During a Thanksgiving dinner at the Rikers, Landers visits the family, where he nearly catches Rick dressed as the Dragonfly. Though Rick escapes detection, Landers later manages to learn his secret identity. Just as Rick and Jill are about to kiss, the Hourglass appears and murders Aunt Lucille. After a comical funeral, Rick decides to end his superhero career, though Trey and Uncle Albert convince him to find the Hourglass, who will kill countless innocent people. At an awards ceremony to honor achievements in feminine hygiene, Landers is presented with a Douchebag Of The Year Award. Although Rick goes to the ceremony too, Landers tricks him into thinking that the Dalai Lama is Hourglass, which leads to a brawl in the ceremony hall involving all the attendees, including Buddhist monks and the Pope. During this, Jill discovers that Landers is Hourglass, after which Landers dons his costume and battles Dragonfly. When Hourglass tries to finish off Dragonfly, Jill attempts to intervene, and is critically injured. After Stephen Hawking implores Rick not to give up, using a rationale that Rick points out are the lyrics to Celine Dion's "Taking Chances", he dons the Dragonfly suit, and battles the Hourglass on the rooftop. Dragonfly siphons off some of Hourglass's stolen lifeforce to heal Jill, but the Hourglass throws an bomb onto at Dragonfly, but Dragonfly turns the bomb onto Hourglass, who is killed. Jill falls off the roof, but Dragonfly jumps off after her. After he grabs her and reveals that he is Rick, they kiss, and Rick finally growing wings. He flies them away, but they are hit by a helicopter.