Win Win (2011)


Win Win is a 2011 American sports comedy-drama film directed Thomas McCarthy. Based on the story written by Joe Tiboni and Thomas McCarthy, it stars Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan.


Disheartened New Jersey attorney Mike Flaherty struggles to keep his wife Jackie, their two young girls, and himself happy while moonlighting as a wrestling coach for New Providence High School. The team has developed a losing streak, and together with Co-Coach Vigman, Flaherty is trying to fulfill the school's motto as "The Home of Champions". Through some questionable business dealings with older client Leo Poplar, Flaherty stumbles across a star athlete in the form of troubled teenager Kyle, much to the delight of Coach Vigman, as well as buddy and former highschool wrestling partner Terry. The stage is set for Flaherty to get a double payday and a long-awaited winning wrestling team. Then Kyle's mom Cindy shows up—fresh out of rehab and flat broke, threatening to derail everything.