The Company You Keep (2012)


The Company You Keep is an upcoming political action thriller, produced and directed by Robert Redford. The script was written by Lem Dobbs based on the 2003 novel of the same name by Neil Gordon. Produced by Nicolas Chartier (Voltage Pictures), Redford and Bill Holderman, the movie filmed in Vancouver in autumn 2011. The film's score is by Cliff Martinez. The story centers on widower Jim Grant, a former Weather Underground militant, wanted for a bank robbery and murder, who hid from the FBI for over thirty years, posing as an Albany attorney. He becomes a fugitive when his identity is exposed by an aggressive young reporter. He must find the one person who can clear his name before the FBI catches him, while protecting his 11-year-old daughter. Redford plays Grant, the reporter is Shia LaBeouf, and Susan Sarandon and Julie Christie play former Weather Underground members. Terrence Howard plays a senior FBI agent on the case, and Brendan Gleeson is the retired Michigan Chief of Police who had first investigated the bank robbery. The film also features Sam Elliott, Nick Nolte, Brit Marling, and Stanley Tucci, among others. Singer Jackie Evancho makes her feature film acting debut as Isabel, Grant's young daughter. The film is scheduled to premiere at the 69th Venice International Film Festival and then play at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2012. Sony Pictures Classics has agreed to distribute the film in the U.S. StudioCanal has acquired the United Kingdom distribution rights to the film.


A widowed single father, Jim Grant (Robert Redford), is a former Weather Underground militant wanted for a Michigan bank robbery and the murder of the bank's security guard (an off-duty police officer) in the 1970s. He has been in hiding from the FBI for over thirty years, becoming an attorney in Albany, New York. When Sharon Solarz (Susan Sarandon), another former Weather Underground member, is arrested, an ambitious young reporter, Ben Shepard (Shia LaBeouf), is assigned to the story. Ben's ex-girlfriend, Diana (Anna Kendrick), is an FBI agent. He presses her for information about the case. She tells him that Sharon came to town to visit Billy Cusimano (Stephen Root), an old hippie who runs an organic grocery. Billy, a friend and client of Jim's, tells Jim about the arrest; Billy is surprised that Jim doesn't want to take Sharon's case. Billy lets this information slip out when Ben questions him. Ben pursues Jim and tries to question him, but Jim tells him to get lost. Spooked by the investigation, Jim takes his 11-year-old daughter, Isabel (Jackie Evancho), and drives to a bus station at the Canadian border; there, he buys bus tickets to Toronto. He tells Izzy that they are taking a vacation. A neighbor has filed a missing persons report. Ben tells the FBI about the report and that a middle-aged man matching Jim's description bought bus tickets to Toronto. Ben has also found out that Mimi Lurie (Julie Christie), an accomplice in the Michigan bank robbery, was last seen in Canada. A private investigator tells Ben that Jim had no Social Security number prior to 1978. Ben tells the FBI to check Jim's fingerprints against Nicholas Sloan, another fugitive from the robbery. Meanwhile, Jim and Izzy arrive at a New York City bus station. They go sight-seeing and check into a fancy hotel. The manhunt for Jim is now national news. Jim tells Izzy that she must stay with her aunt and uncle for awhile. He slips out of the hotel, passing the room key to his brother, Daniel Sloan (Chris Cooper). FBI agents, including Diana's boss Cornelius (Terrence Howard), chase Jim, who ducks into the subway. Since Ben's information was helpful, Cornelius allows him to interview Sharon. She reveals that Nick and Mimi had a love affair long ago. In California, Mimi imports marijuana into the U.S. aboard a fancy yacht. Mac McLeod (Sam Elliott), Mimi's boss in the drug trade, notes the manhunt and wonders whether Mimi is thinking about turning herself in; she denies it and says that she'd rather go back into hiding. Meanwhile, Jim has dyed his hair and gone to Milwaukee. He finds Donal (Nick Nolte), his old best friend. He hopes Donal can help him find Mimi. Ben begins to feel that Jim's actions make no sense for a guilty man. He flies to Michigan to investigate the original crime. He meets with ex-cop Henry Osborne (Brendan Gleeson), who was the first person to investigate the robbery. Osborne refuses to talk in front of his wife Marianne and daughter Rebecca (Brit Marling). Donal tells Jim to see college professor Jed Lewis (Richard Jenkins). Meanwhile, Ben's investigation leads him back to Osborne. He tries to grill Osborne about his connection to Mimi's father, with whom Osborne served in Vietnam. He also flirts with Osborne's daughter Rebecca and begins to fall for her. Jim finds Jed, who refuses to help him, until Jim mentions that Mimi is his only hope of getting his daughter back. Jed uses his connections with their old radical friends to reach Mac and then Mimi, who is on a boat in the Great Lakes. Mimi hesitates but finally calls Jed, agreeing to meet with Jim. Ben discovers a photo of Osborne and Mimi's father at Linder Pond. He further finds that the property used to be owned by a company called Linder-Lurie. Ben realizes that Nick Sloan and Mimi were not directly responsible for the Bank robbery; Sharon and another associate were the only ones in the bank. If Mimi comes forward, she can alibi Jim. Jim and Mimi meet in a secluded cabin and rekindle old passions. Jim wants Mimi to turn herself in, but she refuses, based on her political convictions. Jim tells her that life has changed; he doesn't want to leave Izzy behind and repeat an old mistake. Mimi reveals that she saw their own daughter in Ann Arbor, and that she is a beautiful young woman now. Meanwhile, Rebecca calls Ben, telling her that Osborne has news relating to the fact that Rebecca was adopted. Ben immediately understands that she must be Mimi and Nick's daughter; based on the timing of Rebecca's birth, Jim must be innocent. Mimi goes to run to Canada. Ben finds Jim and says that he knows the truth, but Jim says that Ben has ruined his life, and he leaves. Cornelius and Osborne catch Jim. Meanwhile, Mimi turns her boat around and returns to the U.S. She gives herself up; Jim is freed from jail and reunites with Izzy.