Hard Target (1993)

Trailer #1

Directed by John Woo and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Pfarrer, Robert Apisa, Arnold Vosloo, Lance Henriksen. Natasha Binder comes to New Orleans looking for her father, who has gone missing. In doing so, she meets a hard man named Chance. She discovers her father was killed by an organization that sells the opportunity to hunt human prey.

Directed by John Woo.

Released in 1993 by Universal.

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  • primary-genre: Thrillers
  • primary-genre: Action and Adventure
  • secondary-genre: Martial Arts
  • secondary-genre: Action & Adventure
  • secondary-genre: Action Thrillers
  • actor: Lance Henriksen
  • actor: Jean-Claude Van Damme
  • actor: Arnold Vosloo
  • actor: Chuck Pfarrer
  • actor: Robert Apisa
  • director: John Woo
  • producer: Chuck Pfarrer
  • producer: Robert G. Tapert
  • producer: Moshe Diamant
  • producer: Sam Raimi
  • producer: Daryl Kass
  • producer: Terence Chang
  • composer: Tim Simonec
  • editor: Bob Murawski
  • production-designer: Phil Dagort
  • role-name: Douglas Binder
  • role-name: Chance Boudreaux
  • role-name: Pik van Cleef
  • role-name: Emil Fouchon
  • role-name: Mr. Lopacki
  • screenwriter: Chuck Pfarrer
  • year: 1993
  • studio: Universal